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The Iron Clutch Kids Program is broken down into two separate classes, Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing. Our Clutch Kids will not only focus on the fundamentals of Jiu-Jitsu and boxing but will focus on discipline and over-all exercise knowledge for our youngest members. The program does include both sports!

During the Jiu-Jitsu classes, students learn takedowns, takedown defense, and submissions. At the end of this class, students participate in a sparring session where they will grapple with each other allowing the student to apply the techniques taught during the first half of the class. The classes are taught in a high energy, fun environment with an emphasis on physical fitness and discipline.

During the Boxing classes, students learn form, footwork, positions, strategy and punches. As students become more advanced, they will also be allowed to spar with other children of their size and skill level with parental permission. Our coaches closely supervise all sparring sessions and appropriate protective gear is required at all times.
What are the benefits of our Clutch Kids Program?

The benefits of Jiu Jitsu and Boxing are priceless. How the child student learns to deal with problems on the mat and in the ring directly relate to how the coaches expect your child to deal with problems off the mat – methodically, rationally & controlled! Our coaches communicate with parents about their children in all areas – not just that hour a day while they are in the gym. We watch for the following key areas:

-Improvement in school, better grades. Students learn focus and concentration because of the attention to detail that is required to make the techniques effective against a resisting partner.

-Learning to defuse bully situations. Good decision making skills are polished every day on the mat and in the ring. Making those decisions under pressure teaches the student how to deal with unexpected challenges!

– Sportsmanship. Our students show respect for their coach, peers and for the mat/ring they work on. Respect for themselves and others is paramount in our program.

-Perseverance. Some of the techniques your child will learn are very specific and must be practiced repeatedly. We teach children not to give up and we support their efforts as they gain new confidence and skill levels.

Our classes are designed to give your child the confidence and positive attitude he/she deserves. We teach our kids quality, effective self defense while making each class challenging, technical and fun.

Boxing Classes in Marietta
Boxing Classes in Marietta